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Meetings & Events

We take an innovative approach to planning Events, Trade Shows, Entertainment, Team Building, Transportation, Tours, and More in order to provide our customers with a remarkable experience.


At Red Oak, we take our meetings seriously—detailed, thorough, and no fluff. We provide the tools and expertise needed to ensure your meeting goes off without a hitch. From site visits, expo management, drayage, and registration to transportation, hosted off-site events, and tours, we can assist with every aspect of your meeting. Our meeting planners have access to the most up-to-date technology, allowing them to provide real-time updates and superior content to attendees throughout any meeting or conference.

Red Oak is a full-service meeting and planning company that will be your dedicated partner throughout the entire process. Call us today to get started!



Whether you know exactly what you want or don’t know where to begin, Red Oak is here to assist you every step of the way. What separates us from our competition is that we design the look and feel of your event through an open-minded, creative and collaborative process. No idea is a bad idea at Red Oak.

With more than 1,500 events under our belt, we have seen and done it all—from corporate functions and awards ceremonies to galas, fundraisers, and themed parties. We can guide you through the process of what can realistically be accomplished within your budget and still provide the overall look and feel you envisioned. Contact us so we can get started planning your event!


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